Ancestral Line 5 – Velten Pontius

Due to the research of many people we have been able to locate much of our German ancestry. The information that I am including here is copied from the book published by Rudi Pontius of Germany.

Ancestral Line Five – Velten Pontius

The data for line 5 were provided by Charles Berger and the family of Roger Jules Pontius in Beblenheim. According to these data, the name Pontius is first mentioned in Ostheim in Alsace (east France) around 1560. The first name of this person was Velten. This record dates about ten years prior to the first record of a Pontius-family in Dienstweiler-Eborn near Birkenfeld. The question whether there are family ties between the first mentioned individuals of line 1 – Niclas Pontius – and line 5 – Velten Pontius – remains unanswered. Although in the 2nd generation of the Dienstweiler-Eborn line, a certain Velten Pontius (1606) is mentioned as the son of Niclas Pontius, it cannot be concluded with certainty that a family relation existed. It may be possible that Velten Pontius in Ostheim and Velten Pontius in Dienstweiler-Eborn were godfather and
godson, since the name of the godfather was often given to the godson. The name Velten is not very common in either one of the ancestral lines.

A certain Jean (Hans) Pontius is mentioned as the only individual of the second generation of line 5. He was born in 1590 in Ostheim and died in 1647 in Beblenheim. There is no direct evidence that he was the son of Velten Pontius, the relationship is only assumed. There are no records either about the wife of Jean Pontius. It is, however, documented that Jean had a son named Jean Georges who was born in 1617 in Ostheim as well.

With Jean Georges (1617 – 3rd generation), the neighboring village of Ostheim, named Beblenheim, became the home of future Pontius generations. Jean Georges married Madeleine Vogel in his first marriage in 1647 in Beblenheim. She died soon afterwards in 1648. In the same year, Jean Georges married Gertrude Vogel. Son Mathias Pontius was born to them in 1658.

Mathias Pontius (1658 – 4th generation) continued line 5 of the Pontius families in Beblenheim with his wife Sara Vogel, whom he married in 1682. This line was continued in Beblenheim without gaps in the documentation until today. If Velten Pontius (around 1560) is considered the ancestor of this line, then there are 13 generations in more than four and a half centuries recorded in uninterrupted sequence.

The following individuals known to the Pontius family still live in Beblenheim:
Roger Jules Pontius (1930 – 12th generation)
Corinne Marie France Pontius (1966 – 13th generation)
Pierre Pontius (1973 – 13th generation)

Like the families of line 1, those of line 5 adhere mainly to the protestant faith. It should be noted that the Pontius families have a tendency to remain settled in their home villages,
which is true for this line as well as for the others. For line 5, it is the village of Beblenheim, while for the others, it were the villages of Berglangenbach, Hoppst├Ądten, Gresaubach, Limbach, and Landscheid, where for centuries the name Pontius was part of the village names.