Bridge Builder Catalog

Our Bridge Builder Catalog is listed below. There were several years when no Bridge Builders were published including the span from 1988 to 1993.  All those that were published are available for purchase. 

To order issues, contact the treasurer at [email protected] or mail request to Pontius Family Association, 21810 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Heights, OH 44118.

Information published in older Bridge Builders may be changed in newer ones as more information is found and verified.

Also available but not yet listed on catalog:

Vol. XXXII No. 1, Whole No. 47 November 2021 – 42 pages $9.00

Vol. XXXIII No. 1, Whole No. 48 December 2022 – 30 pages $9.00

Vol. XXXIV No. 1, Whole No. 49 December 2023 – 42 pages $9.00