Bridge Builder Catalog 1968-1988

A condensed version of our Bridge Builder Catalog is listed below. There were several years when no Bridge Builders were published including the span from 1988 to 1993.  All those that were published are available for purchase.  All names are Pontiuses unless otherwise denoted.  For a complete catalog or to order issues, contact the treasurer at or mail request to Pontius Family Association, 21810 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Heights, OH 44118.

Information published in older Bridge Builders may be changed in newer ones as more information is found and verified.

Vol I No 1 Feb 1968 (reprinted in Vol. II No.2 – not otherwise available) Rehabilitation of old Pontius cemetery. Various spellings of Pontius names. Extracts from Civil War diary of Jacob 1845-1931.      

Vol I No 2 Sep 1968 (reprinted in Vol. III No.2 – not other wise available) Discovery of Civil War discharge of Sylvester 1841-1905.  Revolutionary War Records of Henry 1744-1822 and John 1751-1836. Descendants of Henry  1815-1849 of Pickaway Co.     

Vol II No 1 May 1969 (reprinted in Vol. III No.2 – not otherwise available) Genealogist hired to find birthplace of immigrant bro’s Johannes & Nicholas. Honor citation of Civil War regiment of Daniel 1833-1910.

Vol II No 2 Nov 1969 Possibility of Huguenot Ancestry, Pontius Migrations Westward from PA. European Research.  Biographical sketches of officers.     $3.50

Vol III No 1 May 1970 Names and vital data of 1st and 2nd generations of Pontiuses in America, (J1) Johannes moves to Buffalo Valley, PA,  (J1)Johannes will, & story of buffalo hide.     $3.50

Vol III No 2 Nov 1970 Finding grave of Gabriel and Civil War marker on grave of Solomon  1835-1925, immigrants Karl, Peter & Jacob 1852 &1854 and Marcus (Martin) 1768, history of Henry  & Daniel.   $3.50

Vol IV No1 Jun 1971 Letter by Rev. Paul about ancestor (N1) Nicholas, original farmlands of (J1) Johannes, portrait pedigree of Andrew, group charts of John 1751-1836 & John 1763-1850, Pontius families in 1880 census in IL and 1810 census of PA.        $3.50

Vol IV No 2 Nov 1971 Memorial issue to PFA founder J.P. 1901-1971. Relationship of Pontius, Correll & Essig families in Stark Co., OH. Research of Solomon 1869-1945, chart of John  George 1803-1874, emigrant & church records 18th & 19th century Pontius families in Germany.        $3.50

Vol V No 1 May 1972 History of Peter 1761-1785, John W 1782-1836, John A 1745-1825. Photo Benjamin Pontius family 1837-1911, group charts Solomon 1790-1867 & Harry M.  Map of Pontius & Zeller farms.  $3.50

Vol V No 2 Nov 1972 History of John N 1763-1850 & John 1751-1836.  Church records of 16th & 17th Century  Pontius families in Germany. Photos of Host Church and Ft. Zeller.    $3.50

Vol VI No 1 Jun 1973 Pontius memoir 1895, Pontius graves in Pickaway Co., OH and Mifflinurg PA cemeteries, history & group chart of John F 1759-1823.    $4.00

Vol VI No 2 Dec 1973 Completion of German records, histories of Benjamin 1781-1859, George 1753-1854, Samuel 1808-1880, graves in Seneca Co., NY, research by Dr. Vallentine.     $4.00

Vol VII No 1 Aug 1974 History & will of Frederick 1789-1868, group chart of Cyrus Pontius, histories of Jonathan 1845-1935, Conrad 1783-1823, Wilson m 1886, David 1824-1888, Peter 1832-1909,George 1856-1947, & Honorable George H. 1856-1929. Graves in Seneca Co., NY.     $4.00 

There was no Vol VII No 2.

Vol VIII No 1 Mar 1975 Large issue of Dr. Vallentine’s manuscript on European origins of Pontius & Zeller families, histories of Daniel 1804-1847, sons Benjamin  1840-1863 & Daniel 1833-1910.    $10.00

Vol VIII No 2 Dec 1975 Data from vital records of 3 daughters of Johannes, Anna Marie 1752-1811 (m Jacob Aurant) Anna Catherine 1757-1838 (m John Emerick), & Elizabeth 1763-1851 (m George Youngman), family charts of Nicholas 1794 & Milton 1852-1934.       $4.00

Vol IX No 1 Jul 1976 Pontus/Pontius coat of arms, graves in Ross Co., OH, history of Augustus 1841-1891, biographical sketch of Harry M. (chairman of board of NPA).     $4.00

Vol IX No 2 Dec 1976 Memorial of Ada Corrine Irelan Pontius wife of founder JP, Pontius & related families in selected Ohio census records of 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1880.      $4.00

Vol X No 1 Jul 1977 Pontius name in history, immigrants Martin & David Pontzius 1768, & Nicholas 1853, family chart John 1804 -1959, “Straightening out the Peter Lines”.         $4.00

Vol X No 2 Dec 1977 Pontiuses in history con’t, Wehr & Zimmerman families honored, family chart of Nicholas 1749 – 1831, Pontius men in 1790 PA census records, pioneers Ross & Pickaway Co., OH.    $4.00

Vol XI No 1 Jul 1978 Pontius family in Revolution, western PA research, land grants to Andrew & George 1805, land grants to Frederick 1809, Gerberich records of Nicholas 1728-1794 & John F 1759-1823.   $4.00

Vol XI No 2 May 1983 1900 census index recordings of the Pontius surname.  All 50 states.    $10.00

Vol XII No 1 Jul 1984 Index to the first 20 issues, every name index, plus locations index.    $5.00

Vol XII No 2 May 1985 Family group chart Jonathan Punches 1791, PA Dutch words & meanings, also meanings of German words on Vital Records. Pontius signature on paper money, roster of members by state.   $5.00

Vol XIII No 1 Jul 1986 First German-American reunion & article of events leading up to it. 105 photos, transcriptions of 28 graves, family chart of brother Friedrich who stayed in Germany, charts showing ancestry from 1570 to 1984, occupations of 33 Pontiuses born between 1715 & 1873.         $10.00

Vol XIII No 2 Dec 1988 Second German-American reunion, 24 photos, Birkenfeld Castle with names of Pontiuses with Castle connections (1608-1672), map of Germany.         $7.00