Ancestral Line 2 – Franz Pontius

Due to the research of many people we have been able to locate much of our German ancestry. The information that I am including here is copied from the book published by Rudi Pontius of Germany.

Ancestral Line Two – Franz Pontius

The first traces of this line were found in Hoppsträdten. Hoppsträdten lies next to Dienstweiler and Eborn and only a few miles from Berglangenbach. It therefore cannot be excluded that this line is really a sideline of ancestral line one.

The first member of this line, Franz Pontius (1704 – 1780), married Maria Kestner. Four sons and two daughters were born into this family. Descendents of this family still live in Hoppsträdten today.

It should be noted that the Pontius families of line two were predominantly catholic whereas the Diensweiler – Eborn – Berglangenbacher Pontius familes adhered to the protestant faith. However, in those times when Germany was divided into a large number of small states, the religion of a subject was usually determined by the ruler. Since the above villages belonged to different ruling dynasties, the difference in faith of the two lines should not be a reason to exclude common roots.