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Bridge Builder Catalog 1993 to Present

The catalog produced here has been condensed to save space. There were several years when  no Bridge Builders were published including the span from 1988 to 1993.   All those that were published are available for purchase.  All names are Pontiuses unless otherwise denoted.  For a complete catalog contact the treasurer at or mail request to Pontius Family Association, % 21810 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Heights, OH 44118.

Remeber information published in older Bridge Builders may be changed in newer ones as more information is found and verified.

Vol XIV No 1 Jan 1993 Pontius records from Ross Co., Oh, birth & death 1901-1908, marriage 1798-1849, Zeller family origins in Germany found, Reinhard Pontius, Burgermeister of Wolfersweiler descendent of Friedrich 1715-1782, German immigration to America 1727-1775, descendent chart of Fredrich.       $10.00

Vol XIV No 2 Jun 1996 Tribute to Prudence E. Groff Michael, 25th Anniversary celebration, WWII incident, Letter from Nam, history of Bridge Builder.        $10.00

Vol XV No1 May 1997 Worldwide directory of known Pontius names & addresses including various spellings of the Pontius name.       $8.00

Vol XV No 2 Oct 1997  "As if looked to me" about Mt Rainer reunion 1937, "The Pontius Reunion at Spokane, 1940, , Who is John b. ca 1770-80 Ross Co., OH, "David Pontius Family"  Solomon Thornton pedigree.    $8.00

Vol XVI No 1 Oct 1998  "Daniel Shui's family and the Zellers" , ancestors of Cynthia & Priscilla Drach, marriages 1880 census of Richland Twp., marriages in several Ohio counties.     $8.00

Vol XVII No1 Oct 1999 Saarland Pontius Genealogies, Pontius Prisoners in Andersonville, "My Pontius Heritage" by Phyllis Dicken, genealogy of Kenneth L, DAR & SAR eligibility for Johannes descendents.  $8.00

Vol XVIII No1 Oct 2000 Frederick J1-9 of Ross Co., OH, Frederick B. portrait & bio record of Leavenworth, Douglas, & Franklin Co's KS, Descendants of Nikolas 1843, Are you looking for Benjamin?         $8.00

Vol XIX No 1 Oct 2001 Samuel Peter 1815-1888, "Did a Pontius discover Florida?" Heads of Punches Families in US census, Saarland genealogies, 21st Century Photo Album.      $8.00

VolXX No1 Oct 2002 German Emigration from New York Province into PA, ancestors of Eva Eileen Pontius Surridge, some descendents of John George 1770-1835, some descendents of John1790-1861.    $8.00

VolXXI No1 Oct 2003 "About Mary" sister to Johannes and Nicholas, Why Bill Pontius changed his name to Bill Porter, Pontius Records from selected Ohio Counties, Akron City Directories, Ohio Records and Pioneer Families.      $8.00

VolXXII No1 Oct 2004 Pontius Aerobatic Shows Thrill Audiences, Five Pontius Lines in Germany, Pontius Family Records from Montgomery Co, Ohio, Descendents of Ernest Winfield Pontius.       $8.00

2005 None Printed

2006 None Printed

2007 None Printed

2008 None Printed

VolXXIII No1 May 2009 Pontius Burials, Ohio Death Certificate Index for Pontious 1913-1935, Nicholas Pontius Civil War Document, Article of Incorporation, Bylaws, Almina Pontius Martin, WWI Memorial in Indiana, French Connection, Angeline Pontius(Punches) Philip & Catherine Pontius House.    $10.00

VolXXIII No2 Nov2009 Bios of Pontius Family members, Ancestors of James Eugene Punches, Pontius Points of Interest, Pontius Civil War Records, Maria Pontius Harrold (sister of brothers Johannes and Nicholas), Tribute to Philp William Pontius.     $8.00

Vol.XXIV No 1Mar 2010 Getting to Know the Family: Letter from M. James(John) Morley(N-1121*154), Letter from Velma Minden Pontius (N-632821W). Johannes (J-) and his Ohio Families. Pontius Pillars: Anna Catherine Zeller Pontius (J-W) . Fort Zeller - internet research by Barbara (Pontius) Remy. Ancestors & Descendants of Betty Lou (Pontzious) Rogers . Deaths by Last Name and Deaths by PFA Number as recorded in PFA Newsletters 1-82 - compiled . DAR and Pontius Revolutionary War Patriots. Civil War Soldiers, Pontius name variations which have known PFA#ís associated with the Last name. Andersonville Prison Record, National Parks Service Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System. Laws of Geneaology. War Survivor Killed in Construction Accident. Lake Township Grange No.1744, Stark County, Ohio.
INDEXED.      $9.00

Vol.XXV, No 2--Dec 2010 Errata: Louis and William Barry, Sr.(N-11224*4). Gettying to Know the Family: Franklin M. Krichbaum, Dr.(N-423(11)*21, Elsie (Paden) Beavers (N-42441*4), Robert Vernon Pontius (J-543664), Dorothy June (Pontius) Sabin (J-234331?), Sara Eva (Wahl) Reiter (J-13154*4), Ralph Emerson Pontius (N-423212), David William Pontious (J-747724), Harry Edgar Pontius II (N-635531). U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006 for Pontius and Pontious. N.E.Pontius, Advertisement for Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio. U.S.Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006 for Pontius names variations with known PFA Family Numbers. Pontius Family DNA Project and Surname Project by James E. Punches. N-9 John George Pontius and His Children and Descendants Tree. Documentation provided for John George Pontius and Descendants . INDEXED .  $9.00

2011 None Printed

2012 None Printed

Vol.XXVI, No 1 Nov 2013 William H. Martin 1886 Monoplane, Martin Airport, Descendants of William Henry Punches of IL & KS, Emigration Record of Widow Peter Pontius & Nickel Simon, Quilts of Christina Pontius Larrabee, Life of Robert Williamson, A German-American Chronology, Pickaway County OH and Your Family Research, Land Ordinance of 1785: How History Shaped Stark County OH, Hurricane Ike Comes to Ohio 9/16/08, Deaths by Last Name & by Family Number as Recorded in PFA Newsltrs 4/2010-1/2011. INDEXED.  $9.00

Vol.XXVI No1 Nov 2014 Agnes Ziemann Memorial Dedication, Memories of PFA 2013 Trip to Germany. Harold Edwin Pontius Family in America. A Strong Troupe, The Five Pontios. Lightning Strikes Three Times. Civil War Record of David Pontious. Zeller’s Fort at Newmanstown, PA, The Will of Henrich Zeller 1756, Diarty of “the War”, Word War I Draft Records Index.  INDEXED.     $9.00

Picture of the Pontius Family Coat of Arms